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My diligence to prepping for June 3 and the Buffalo Triathlon waned a bit recently. I’ve not been in a pool for more than a week. I’ve not been on the bike for a week. I’ve managed only one run and one weights workout in the past three days.  Slap me silly.

In 18 days I’ll be queued up to enter the lake and begin my first tri and I have so much more I want to get ready for before that day comes.

I did manage to rent a wet suit and buy a bib band and Body Glide at the bike shop last Saturday. But the winds and weather have not been condusive to outdoor workouts and my body has been feeling rugged – tense muscles and soreness from the past two months of what seems like non-stop activity.

My vow is to get back on the bike, get back in the pool and complete four bricks before June 3. On May 30 I pick up the wetsuit and I want to complete to open water swims of .25 miles on my own for practice prior to June 3. I’ll have a busy two weeks, but I need the time and I’m thankful for this last stretch to get ready.



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