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My new tri jersey arrived in the mail on Thursday. As my 13-year-old son got himself ready for his piano lesson, I ripped open the package and took out the jersey. It’s made by Hind. Red on black with a vented back and side pockets for Gu shots.  I have some sweet Sugoi tri shorts to cover my lower half.

Without thinking much about it, I unzipped the jersey and pulled it over my head and down my torso (over the top of a t-shirt that I already had on).  Bounding into the living room I said to my son, “Hey, what do you think?”

He did a double take.

“Dad!” he said, jumping up and coming over to me, he patted my stomach and added, “You look ripped.”  I laughed and said something like, thanks and do you really think so.  Knowing me I was blushing a little.

The bottom line is, however, that he made my day with that one little comment. I’m 16 days away from my first ever triathlon and when it’s over I want my son near the end of the finish line. I just know that even if I come in dead last, he’ll have something positive to say.


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