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Every now and then I stumble on a really good word and I have to put it somewhere. Here seems a good place. Keep coming back for more “Wordplay.” This is Version 1.0:


The use of unnecessarily wordy and indirect language. Evasion in speech or writing. A roundabout expression.


The circumlocution only confused his associates until, finally, someone told him to simply shut up.



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Swim Time

OK – one last entry before bed.  I swam tonight. The first time I’ve gone in the evening versus at 6 a.m.  The pool was nearly empty. It was refreshing and I’m going to sleep well.

Distance: 700 yards

Time: 27:22

My goal is to complete 500 yards in under 15 minutes. I’m close. Really close and I have 13 days to get closer.

Tomorrow is set for a run before work and a bike with co-workers at the end of the work day. So in a matter of under 18 hours I will have effectively completed a triathlon!  Now to put it all together!


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I’m a writer who just happens to make his career in corporate public relations. Because of the nature of what I do, I’m on the constant lookout for better ways to convey the message that needs conveying. We PR types get a critical view from our key audience – the pure journalists out to write and publish what the people truly need to know. In many cases, journalism in today’s newspapers is filled with scare tactics that hurt, don’t help, average Joe Reader.

So when I find something helpful, something sticky, I tend to make a note of it…publish and post it where it can become ingrained on my brain. It doesn’t happen every day. Quite frankly there aren’t all that many new ideas. But there are some good ideas that get refreshed from time to time that help make my job clearer and get me through the day.

Here’s today’s find:

Let’s be careful that we write statements and releases that can be believed by an audience larger than one.

This advice comes from a blog I read made up of Minneapolis PR experts – many of whom just happen to be veteran journalists as well. My belief is that we, as career-minded, do-the-right-thing-at-all-costs, types end each day making a positive impact on the companies we support…but more than that will make a contribution toward improving society as well.


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