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My new tri jersey arrived in the mail on Thursday. As my 13-year-old son got himself ready for his piano lesson, I ripped open the package and took out the jersey. It’s made by Hind. Red on black with a vented back and side pockets for Gu shots.  I have some sweet Sugoi tri shorts to cover my lower half.

Without thinking much about it, I unzipped the jersey and pulled it over my head and down my torso (over the top of a t-shirt that I already had on).  Bounding into the living room I said to my son, “Hey, what do you think?”

He did a double take.

“Dad!” he said, jumping up and coming over to me, he patted my stomach and added, “You look ripped.”  I laughed and said something like, thanks and do you really think so.  Knowing me I was blushing a little.

The bottom line is, however, that he made my day with that one little comment. I’m 16 days away from my first ever triathlon and when it’s over I want my son near the end of the finish line. I just know that even if I come in dead last, he’ll have something positive to say.


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My diligence to prepping for June 3 and the Buffalo Triathlon waned a bit recently. I’ve not been in a pool for more than a week. I’ve not been on the bike for a week. I’ve managed only one run and one weights workout in the past three days.  Slap me silly.

In 18 days I’ll be queued up to enter the lake and begin my first tri and I have so much more I want to get ready for before that day comes.

I did manage to rent a wet suit and buy a bib band and Body Glide at the bike shop last Saturday. But the winds and weather have not been condusive to outdoor workouts and my body has been feeling rugged – tense muscles and soreness from the past two months of what seems like non-stop activity.

My vow is to get back on the bike, get back in the pool and complete four bricks before June 3. On May 30 I pick up the wetsuit and I want to complete to open water swims of .25 miles on my own for practice prior to June 3. I’ll have a busy two weeks, but I need the time and I’m thankful for this last stretch to get ready.


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I didn’t get a workout in today, but I’ve been going and going and going – so that counts for something.

Work consisted of a business lunch downtown (a nice interuption to the normal course of the workday), followed by a social function in St. Paul tonight. In the course of the last four hours I’ve learned more than the average person might know about the Mississippi river and its revitalization happening in Minnesota’s capitol city.  St. Paul is mostly recognized as the ugly step-sister to Minneapolis. In reality, St. Paul has lots going for it and just hasn’t marketed itself well since becoming a Twin City. It’s over the river, but the river runs through it and the city has huge plans centered around the river.

For example, St. Paul wants to create a National River Center Park on the banks of the Mississippi that will be a destination point for the more than one million people who visit the river each year.  Grand plans for a grand river. I’m excited to be able to watch it develop through the next several years and plan to spend a little more time on the St. Paul side of the Twin Cities.

Tomorrow plan: Run in the morning and bike in the evening. The weekend is upon us and I also need to get my hands on a wet suit. Lake temps on June 3 when I enter the water to do the Buffalo Triathlon will only be in the mid-60s. 


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…my legs  are perhaps my best feature

…hills don’t frighten me, although they still slow me down

…I get to eat pretty much whatever I want and still fit into my favorite jeans

…I no longer worry about what a dork I must look like in lycra shorts

…when kids shout and wave, I always try to wave back

…Gu shots and energy drinks are a regular part of my diet

…I often get to blow through stop signs

…when people ask how far I went and I say 25 miles, they always look amazed

…when I meet another cyclist going in the opposite direction we just do the head nod as acknowledgement

…I feel part of an elite, if not very eccentric, group of people who appreciate peddle power.

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Greetings from Minneapolis.

If you stumbled upon this blog I hope you’ll tag it and come back from time to time. If you were invited, thanks for stopping in to read and/or comment on these pages.

You’ll find no epiphany in the words I’ve left behind. But they may make you smile. These writings serve as one outlet for me as I live the suburban life of a Minneapolis resident.  Content may include stories about my efforts to stay fit, expand my own knowledge base, cheer on friends and family members in their life efforts, and extoll the benefits of residing in a state that truly has four seasons.

In addition, you may read fabulous entries about my training to be a triathlete. At 42 years old, it’s been a goal for several years to train for and compete in a triathlon. Swimming, biking and running. I do only one of them fairly well. The other two are chores and leave me feeling completely my age. But come June 3, I’ll enter a lake with 1,000 other triathletes and, if I’m lucky, finish without embarassing myself too much. So come along for the ride (or swim, or run).

Life is good and getting better. My two teenage kids bring out the best in me, work keeps me (mostly) out of trouble and then there’s the triathlon thing. It’s helping to move me toward getting in shape and feeling good about myself. Strength and accomplishment helps fuel optimism as well!

As for the title of this first entry, I realize the phrase is usually “up to no good.” But on the contrary, I find myself up to many good things. Let this blog be the site that preserves all that is good about living.


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