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It’s a sure sign that summer is in the upper midwest when fruit stands overflow with rippened peaches, strawberries, plums and watermelon.  Oh, and grapes can be had for 99 cents per pound. That’s a bargain considering the $3 or more per pound we pay in the off season (October – April).

So summer is here and I just polished off a plum thinking to myself how plums must be one of the tastiest fruit treats on the planet – as long as they’re not too ripe or soft.  A good plum is hard to pass on and can serve as part of a good breakfast or a great afternoon or bedtime snack equally well.  I try not to think of plums as prunes, however, because that would make me feel old. The mere thought of prunes is all it takes to make me regular, so I tend to think of the non-dried version of prunes – the tasty, appealing, juicy, delectable plum.

Furthering my previous blog entry about family reunions, I learned last weekend that my cousin, Keith, is running for Mayor of Hobart, Indiana. Keith has served his community for 20 some years as a police officer and chief of police. When he and the current mayor disagreed on certain key philosophies, he stepped down as chief.  Soon after, friends suggested he run for mayor…and he recently won the primary election.

I’ve always looked up to Keith. Since the time I can remember visiting his Dad’s cool split foyer home in Hammond, Indiana, where he grew up with his older brother and sister.  When my family made those visits we would play pool and ping pong, and play jokes on each other until we laughed ourselves into hysterics. He is someone I admire. I don’t know what his mayoral platforms are for the City of Hobart and it really doesn’t matter. All I know is that he’s a genuine guy who will do what’s best for his town. He won’t play the games of politics and he will put residents and the needs of the community first. So vote for Keith (if you live in Hobart). Otherwise, just wish him well.



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