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My Learning Edge

Today I caught up on a little blog light reading. Before I knew it, I was suddenly motivated to uncover or rediscover or kindle anew my learning edge.

The Communicatrix is just starting her trial, based on hypnotherapy, to not eat the flan. Juxtaposed around this, she has posited that we all have learning edges, which obviously go stale at times.  It’s time to amp up my learning edge. Way past time, actually.

Earlier this year, I enrolled in a training course – something about the 7 Habits of a Highly Effective Manager.  Not taught by Covey, but some lesser-known management guru based in Minneapolis, I thought what the heck, I’d give this course a try. Yawn.  Yep. That’s my learning edge.  Seven habits no matter how pithy they seem, are about as helpful as an electric can opener on a camping trip.  But I will not be dissuaded. 

Side note: I love dissuade and assuage as words in general…the latter reminds me of sausage and you really can’t go wrong with suade anything.

So what is my learning edge if not a 7 Habits knock-off presentation? One project I’ve taken on involves expanding my work role beyond the parameters of my work group to encompass an entire department of communicators with the goal of enhanced communication. We all know, as professionals in communications, that when it comes to sharing among each other, yep you guessed it, we’re the worst at it.  This is the case 10-fold in a large corporate setting.  So my pitch to my VP was to enlist me in improving communications within the communications department. I’ll be cross-promoting the various initiatives underway among the PR, brand, web, and internal comms groups as well as establishing a resource library of materials and reducing the duplicitous activities that we all seem to find ourselves doing. 

That’s my learning edge at work. 

Outside of work, however, there is this innate urge to take a class and connected with smart people who are making attempts to be even better.  I’m thinking a college-level course on communication strategy or an advanced writing course with a literary group. Perhaps that learning edge activity will prompt me to write the first chapter of the novel that’s in note form inside my BlackBerry.  It’s research time for me, I think. Just as soon as I finish writing this freelance piece on how to green up large events and meetings.  By this time next week, I’ll be all edgy on “green” concepts.

The journey begins…


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