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This year Independence Day brought the true meaning of the word into my life. Never before have I felt a sense of independence like I did on July 4, 2007. U.S. Flag

Oh, in the past I appreciated the patriotism and thought the good thoughts about all our country has been through to get where it is today.  If we put aside the Iraq War, global warming, famine, homelessness, and Thomas the Tank Engine toy trains coated in lead-based paint, we’re actually in good shape as a whole *cough*.

Yesterday, however, was MY personal Independence Day. It was my agenda to make and execute. I woke up; rode bike for 25 miles; washed my car in my driveway; fed the cat; showered and dressed; shopped at Target; and sat by one of 10,000-plus lakes in the state having lunch and Long-Island ice teas as I talked the afternoon away with a new friend. At 6 p.m. I took my daughter out for dinner and by 7:30 I was back home watching “Twilight Zone” reruns on the SciFi channel and loving every episode (someone please help me write like Rod Serling once did!).

The only person I really need to depend on is me and our nation’s July 4th holiday had so much more meaning to me because of it.


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