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It’s another boffo public relations gaffe straight out of the nation’s capitol…

U.S. Homeland Security Goof, Michael Chertoff, back peddaled this morning, saying the threat of terror attacks on the United States from al Qaeda has not returned to levels seen just before the September 11 attacks nearly six years ago.  A reversal of his “gut instinct” comments from Wednesday.

In toning down his comments with NBC’s Anne Curry on Thursday, he said: “We don’t have any specific information about an imminent or near-term attack on the homeland. We’re looking at the strategic picture over the next six months to a year. We’re evaluating where that is.”

After six years of this war on terror, how good should we feel as Americans to learn from Chertoff’s gut instinct that we are essentially at the same place we were at with this whole debacle on July 12, 2001?

It’s another Bush failure. Another bungled mess that includes billions spent, thousands dead, and a nation begging for answers and solutions because there is obviously no coherent plan designed to obtain clear results coming from Washington D.C. 

What happened to “root(ing) out elements that are endangering” the United States? 

What happened to dedicating our troops to an objective, accomplishing that objective and returning home?


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