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I often will post on a word that intrigues me, however, today I’m choosing to make up my own word for possible submission to Webster’s.

Here’s the word: windtistical; a combination of windbag and egotistical. It’s the perfectBozo description of any blogger who writes enough drivel to clog an entire server. These blog authors are so infatuated with themselves that they also frequently scrawl longer responses to the comments posted by the blog’s readers than the readers write themselves.  Since we’re such an icon based society on the Interweb, I’ve inserted “windtistical’s” icon here. Note how the head is disproportionately larger than the body.

Windtisticals can, from time to time, appear interested and engaged; but they are more often self-centered, judgmental and filled with the most tepid of angry gases that culminate in nothing useful to society.

I’m calling Webster’s now.

If you could make a word and add to the blogger’s dictionary, what would it be? What would it mean?



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I think most clearly behind the wheel.

With the windows down and the sun behind me, the car serves as a vessel to get serious thinking underway. Yesterday proved to be a perfect driving day.

In the late afternoon, my only traveling companions a cooler and the radio, I began the thinking journey – to no where in particular, to everywhere. My mind filled with thoughts and I began to parse them out, placing the most important components into a bright green folder; dropping the trivia into the circular file of my brain.

When I’m able to re-examine where I’ve been, what I’ve done, where I’m going, and how I’m going to get there a calm tends to wrap itself around me from the inside out. It’s like taking the deepest of breaths on a soup-thick foggy day outside. The air you take into your lungs is the same as always, but somehow you taste that fog on your tongue and feel it travel through the airway and into your body.

Driving lets me breathe those deepest of breaths filling the lungs with fresh air (unless I’m behind a cattle truck). With that fresh air filtering through the system the brain goes into analytical and organizational mode: it processes faster, providing conclusions and results and options and theories. It answers the what ifs that may have kept me awake until 2 a.m. last Tuesday. It dispels the lies.

So I drove. Some 300 miles (a lot of thinking time). I passed through tiny towns and larger cities and stopped at a couple overlooks to check out the sunset happening back over my home. And I slept last night with a blank slate and no worries. Wrapped in an elusive peace. A peace that will forever make sense to me.


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