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If you’re a major league sports fan, it’s four stikes and you’re out.

Black Tuesday fell upon the sports world today.

From the Tour de France, where (surprise!) yet another stage winner pulled out of the Doper Alexrace following doping allegations. This time Alex Vinokourov, who was very likely competing in the last TdF he’d ever participate in, decided to up his odds by pumping himself with someone else’s red blood cells. It’s called homologous blood transfusion. It’s against the rules. So, another rider falls by the wayside of the Alps because, clearly, the only way to win the Tour is to cheat. Heck all the pro riders do it, so it’s not really cheating, it’s just breaking the official rules in order to level the playing field.

The TdF fiasco may completely take down the sport of pro bike racing, which when you stack spectators side by side, it’s really small potatoes when compared to what’s happening in the NBA. Today, NBA commish, David Stern, blamed what he described as a “rogue, isolated criminal” for a betting scandal that is giving the league headlines during its off season and questioning the credibility of every referee. Stern says he’s betrayed by former referee Tim Donaghy, who is now the target of an FBI investigation for allegedly betting on games, including some he officiated. The ref will likely take a plea to make this all go away.  Kobe who?

And in the NFL, the news only gets more interesting. Michael Vick, quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons, obviously has too much money and time on his hands since he’s been charged on numerous counts involving a dog fighting ring that he was leading.  Falcon’s team owner Arthur Blank, who initially planned to suspend Vick for four games (until the feds suggested the NFL take no action until the investigation is finished), said he planned to ask Vick to put his career on hold while the case is pending.

Lastly, Barry Bonds, working for the San Francisco Giants, continues his try to beat Hank Aaron’s home run record which, when accomplished, will be tarnished due to the obvious steroids abused by Bonds to increase upper body strength. Apparently, the increase in upper body strength resulted in a decrease in overall brain power once held by Bonds.

So sports fans, how about cracking open a book, renting a DVD, doing some summer yard work or hey, here’s an idea – go participate in a sport instead of watching these embarrassing members of society who take drugs and have clear mental issues, pretend they’re professionals.


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Water Please

With the latest report on the damage drinking diet soda can do to the body, I’m please to report that I essentially gave up my 30-year Diet Coke-a-day habit about five months ago.

Water GlassSure I still partake of the cola-colored-carbonated beverage now and again – but it’s no longer “my thing.” Come to think of it, there are many things that are no longer “my thing,” some by choice, some not. But that’s perhaps another blog on another day.

Today, I rest easy knowing that when at work, dining out or at home, enjoying that meal with a healthy glass of water is the best choice I can make. Hydration, afterall, is one of the most critical components to having a healthy, fit, working body. In fact, if your pee is anything but a really light yellow, you’re probably not drinking enough water. And if you can smell the coffee or asparagus or whatever you last ate in your pee, you’re body is screaming for hydration.

So drink up people. And while you’re at it, save your money and screw buying the bottled water stuff. There’s more plastic in our world than Al Gore could shake a stick at requiring recycling, which uses up additional resources.  Instead of buying a Dasani, dispense your next glass of deliciously cool water directly from your tap at home. And enjoy!


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