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There’s some irony in the following story, so bear with me while I find it…

Today I had my two-year physical.  I’m 42-years-old and my doctor recommends a check-up at least every two years. He hinted at doing this annually. Sigh. I’m aging.

So in preparation for my 8 a.m. appointment, I had to fast for 12 hours. Only water and/or coffee.  Not a problem. I arrive and the first thing I’m prodded to do is remove my shoes and step on the scale. I don’t own a scale at home, but I know that even given my frequency with cycling and running (and completion of a sprint triathlon earlier this summer) I’d gained weight. Especially in my core area (that’s from the hips up to the chest for those not into such jargon).   I’m 6’2″ in height and this morning after 12 hours of fasting, I weighed 199 pounds. UGH!

In the exam room I waited for Dr. Smith (his real name) to do all the things he needed to do to physically examine me. He quickly asked if I was OK, noting that I’d gained 17 friggin pounds since my last exam two years ago. YIKES! Well, I am OK, but 182 certainly felt better on my frame than 199.

So my work lies in front of me. Improved diet. Hit the weights (again) to fire up my metabolism. And continue with the biking and running only increase the intensity level. But not before I stopped at a Starbucks for one last low-fat vanilla latte (200 calories) and a cinnamon chip scone (470 calories). Eat breakfast like a king, I always say.

What sucks is waiting for a physician to tell me I’ve gotten soft in the gut and should probably take action.

And the irony? I had to fast for 12 hours to get to 199.

Now hand me that dumbbell!



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