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In my always-on search for good writing, I peruse new blogs from time to time. Friday nights at 11 p.m., as my son lies sleeping on the living room floor…just for example.

I’ve been reading a blog for a couple months now that frequently offers some terrific writing. With a blog named “Wordsmith Extraordinaire,” one would expect good stuff. Extraordinary stuff, actually.

Here’s an example of the fine writing offered by Jill Terry, the aforementioned wordsmith. I particularly liked reading and re-reading this post and hope you’ll spend two minutes digesting it as well.

“Overwhelming,” by Wordsmith Extraordinaire.

And speaking of blogs, can I just say that one of my pet peeves is reading super-long and boring posts that go on and on ad nauseum. Writing post upon tome-length post should be outlawed. I mean, I really can’t add even the best of blogs to my blogroll if I can’t read a new post in a few minutes.

I live by this “life’s too short to waste it standing still” approach and it applies to blog posts as well. I think web logs were invented to give us all a place to convey our thoughts or talents in a direct and brief way. If there’s a novel inside of you, go write a fricken novel…using your computer and hard drive – not a blog.

And that’s all I have to say about that.



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