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Waste Not!

Blog action dayI’m a sucker for what seems like a good idea (having enjoyed only a handful that I lay claim to personally). So when fellow blogger Laid Back Buddhist suggested joining in on the fun of Blog Action Day, I sat up in my chair and surfed to the web site.

Hmmm. The topic, for those choosing to participate, is “The environment.” What zany things could I possible say about that?

Fortuitously, while cleaning my work e-mail inbox a few days ago, I found an e-mail promoting Green Energy TV – a web site devoted to sharing SBSvideo on how companies around the world make efforts to develop environmentally friendly products and enhancements to existing consumables (the things you and I buy in order to live life). Green Energy TV seems like a decent way to discover that everyone on the planet is NOT contributing to its demise. Evil doers, like Simon Bar Sinister, aren’t attempting to purposely create a gigantic carbon footprint that sucks away our air. If he did exist, Under Dog would be all over it…naturally.

So what steps have I personally taken to impact my environment? Examining my list made me feel pretty good. I recycle cans, plastic and paper both at home and Zoom Zoomon the job. That’s easy. Last spring I installed a new high efficiency furnace in my home to reduce my energy consumption. I replaced my old incandescent bulbs with those funky flourescent ones in most of my light fixtures. I traded off the gas-hog SUV for a Mazda 6 with a four-cylinder, which reduced my frequency at the gas pump and my carbon emissions. These are all basic things anyone can do. But I haven’t looked far beyond the basics – or deeply into the basics, for that matter.

Unlike Sheryl Crow.

Sheryl, one of the most gifted (and sexiest) female musical artists on the planet, suggests that we all use just one square of toilet paper when we finish doing our business in the bathroom. Is that a reasonable request? Maybe for a woman who wears size 0 leather pants and whose poop is the equivalent mass of a peanut. But it’s not practical for normal adults who are … ahem … regular.

Her comments did cause me to pause and examine my routine in the restroom. I noticed when washing my hands I always used TWO paper towels from the towel dispenser to dry. Two paper towels, when one would suffice. I changed my habit, it was easy to do, and now I produce less waste at work. Thanks, Sheryl. (Call me!)

What more can I do? There’s always something, but rest assured we are headed in the right direction. In no time at all, Al Gore’s movie will be a footnote and his Nobel Prize will be covered in an inch of dust because the world isn’t going to pot. Not as long as someone, somewhere wipes with just one square.



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