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New movie releases that only open in New York and LA often get ignored in fly-over states like Minnesota. But if there’s a movie to keep on the radar this fall, “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead,” sounds like the one.

Reviews such as this one in The New York Times, make me jittery to see this film. Directed by Sidney Lumet, who happens to be an octagenerian (and who also happens to have directed 40-plus movies in the past 50 years), “Before…” is an all-in-the-family crime-gone-wrong story. The trailer sucked me in. The cast includes Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ethan Hawke, Marisa Tomei, and Albert Finney to name a few. And yes, Hoffman plays the bad seed…the provoker. His ability with characters such as the one in this movie always make viewers despise him…in a good way.


Those getting sneak peeks at the film are saying Lumet has hit his prime…in his senior years. If you don’t know, Lumet also directed such films as Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon and Prince of The City. “Before the Devil…” may just make him a household name.

Interestingly, several years ago The NY Times ran a piece about Elmore Leonard and his 10 Tips on Writing. In that piece, Leonard suggests that if a writer must provide detailed descriptions about characters, he or she isn’t doing his job. Liken that to this line written in The NY Times review of “Before the Devil…”:

Andy and Hank are not explained, dissected or excused. They speak their lines and carry out their actions, and, by the time the film is over, we know them inside and out.

Seems like Lumet and Leonard are on the same page.

I’ll be seeing this film.



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