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Bryan Adams and My ’80s

Nostalgia. A fellow blogger has written some laugh-out-loud funny things about the ’70s and other eras. But for me, I get most nostalgic about the music I grew up singing. I bought records on vinyl for crying out loud (and I still have many of the originals). Groups like Kiss, Queen, Styx, Genesis, and Journey. Today I’ve been replaying Bryan Adams. The man had a powerful voice and wrote some of the BEST rock of the era. He’s one musician whose work exemplifies my life of the ’80s. Listening back on songs like the following two do more than just take me home…hearing them take me full circle.

This Time

Please Forgive Me

“If I love you a little more than I should, please forgive me.” How many of us would like to be able to say those words and mean them?



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