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Giving Thanks

Today at the dinner table, I’ll sit with my two kids for a brief dinner that I worked all morning to prepare. And that’s OK, because that’s how life is and while I’m separated by 700 miles from the rest of my immediate family, I’ll give quiet thanks for:

My two kids. They mean the world to me and I’d do anything for them…anything. They’re in their teens already and soon one will be in college. In a matter of just a few years they’ll both be “just visiting” on Thanksgiving, engaged in life full-on.

A good job. After 15 years in journalism and PR, I’ve spent the last two years with the company I feel I’m destined to be serving. This company does more good for people than I can possibly explain. In fact, every five seconds, someone’s life is saved or improved through the technologies my company provides. It’s a pleasure to have a career with Medtronic.

Health. I’m 42, and my doc tells me I’m in good shape. I completed a sprint triathlon earlier this year and plan to do it again in 2008.

Friends. You know who you are. From co-workers to those “in the city,” to friends I’ve met through this blog, I’m grateful to all of you and hope I’ve brought a few smiles to your faces.

Seasons. Living in the ‘burbs of Minneapolis means all four seasons strike at the appropriate times of the year. While summer and fall are my faves, the first snowfall (which is happening as I write this) makes me all warm and tingly inside.

Words. Writing is my life. Thanks to all the words that flood my noggin and exit my fingertips.

Freedom. Many will argue that our rights in the U.S. are slipping away. Well folks, we still live in a country founded on freedom and while the definition of the term may shift and change because of world events, how we embrace freedom is up to us…not the government. Have faith in our history and our foundation.

Music. Egads! Imagine life without your favorite musician. Artists like David Gray, Bonnie Raitt, the Dave Matthews Band, and a plethora of emerging indie artists make life so very much better.

Cycling. I think because of the Minnesota winters that last and last, I’ve come to appreciate my cycling habit all the more. Each March/April when the bike comes of the trainer and hits hard pavement again, is just like riding for the first time all over again – except I have the balance thing figured out already.

Coffee. A guilty pleasure, try as I have in the past to decaffeinate myself. But I’m through with those silly notions.  My occasional skim vanilla latte and low-fat scone is not gonna kill me. On other days a nice dark roast (Xs two or three) does much more than get me through a busy morning.

Movies.  Last night “Van Helsing,” at the request of my son, and today I’m watching “Bullitt” with Steve McQueen. In fact the famous car chase through San Francisco is just getting started. What better way to entertain ourselves on a holiday weekend?

There are many other things I’m thankful for in life. I’ve had conversations with a very wise woman about the simple pleasures that make life better. Quiet weekend mornings, a nap, a good book, security in the fact that you’re in charge of the day. These are things I’m grateful for – and not just today, but every day.



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