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Random and Useless Meme

Egads! A friend tagged me with a meme. I could refuse. I could hold fast and pretend I was never tagged. But, I’m a friend and I value the few real friendships I have. So…

Seven Random and Useless Things About Me Meme (in video and pictures):

1) I like South Park (the TV show). I’ll admit, when the show first aired, I rolled my eyes. But for the past couple years, I’ve laughed my ass off at Cartman, Kyle, Mr. Mackey and all the f*ckin’ idiots on “South Park.” There’s no contribution to society here, just pure gutter humor. And I love it!

2) I’m moved by certain songs I hear live. Growing up a musician, I have an uber appreciation for solid lyrics and well-written arrangements. Hearing some songs live will leave me with a lump in my throat and watery eyes. Call me a pussy – music has the ability to kick my ass.

Kids3) I continue to be a great dad in spite of being divorced. Like many people, I’m not good with conflict. Disagreements on parenting left me frustrated. Now the kid’s mother and I talk more about the kids, rationally, than we ever could living under the same roof. And I sleep better at night for not feeling cornered into parenting in a certain way.

4) Tanqueray, pinot grigio, and Stella Artois. These are the various alcoholic drinks I prefer…rank ordered from first to last. However, I don’t turn down a drink when someone else is buying; and keg beer in the summer still tastes damn good.

Greys5) Grey’s Anatomy bugs the shit out of me. Does anyone else not like this show? Am I the only one who would rather watch the History Channel’s series on the invention of the Colt 45 revolver vs. watching Grey’s? The best thing about this show is the lead actress’s name: Meredith. Love that name! The rest is crap.

6) I like shoes. I’m not even going to include how many pairs of shoes I own, but let’s just say that I feel a little embarrassed by the number of shoes in my closet – so much so that I’ll donate a pair or two to Goodwill every year.

Caribou7) Coffee makes my day 10 times better. No matter what time of day or night, a good black coffee is tough to beat. There’s not much that compares to wrapping my hands around a warm mug filled with dark java – no cream, no sugar – just black. If I was a millionaire, I’d work as a barrista.



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