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Fun Friday

Here at the office, there are many meetings and many conference rooms. These meetings frequently start as early as 7 a.m. and may last all day. Meeting coordinators will pre-order breakfast and lunch to be delivered to the conference room. This way, the only reason attendees need to leave the meeting is to use the restroom. Restrooms are not built into each conference room at this facility.

EatThe in-house food service vendor does a bang-up job delivering the pre-ordered meal. A skirted table, chaffing dishes, an assortment of beverages, napkins, silverware, dinner plates. It’s all quite nice for a corporate in-house breakfast or lunch.

And the best part about it? When the meeting ends and food still remains outside the conference room door.

This morning, for example, our CIO conducted a breakfast meeting with six of his key staff members. They used a conference room right next to my office and a traditional American breakfast was served – it was enough to feed a small department of hungry men. Which means there were ample “leftovers.”

As soon as the meeting broke and the group departed to their offices, someone in my department noticed and announced, “there are leftovers – get them while you can!” Eggs, quiche, coffee cake, fruit, muffins – you name it. It was like a Mother’s Day breakfast buffet and everyone got something.

Now that, my friends, is a great way to start a Friday.


Photo Credit: Paramount’s Great America, Santa Clara, CA from CBCastro’s Flickr Page


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