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Pirates of the Caribbean actress Keira Knightley has done it. She’s capitulated to the demands of the entertainment media and allowed herself to be photographed sans clothing (well, she’s kept a little dignity it appears). The United Kingdom’s Daily Mail reveals a couple of the provocative, for-public, printable photographs on its web site.

KKWhy do starlets do it? Attention.

It wasn’t that long ago that Little Miss Knightley graced the pages of all entertainment and gossip magazines – taking heat for being a walking skeleton with some skin attached to her tiny bones.

When that coverage died down, and other actresses like Lindsey Lohan dominated the media with drunk driving and doping antics that landed them in jail and rehab, Knightley’s publicist no doubt schemed the semi-clad photo shoot.  What a perfect excuse to get the star back onto the covers of magazines all over the world.

You just can’t go wrong with nudity. Brilliant work!  Knightley should double her publicist’s salary.

So, alas, here is Ms. Knightley in all her…errr….scantily clad glory. It appears she’s put on a few pounds in the past year or two. Success does have its rewards, eh Keira?

Photo Credit: Sam Taylor-Wood


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