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For those of you under a rock, Diablo Cody is a newly crowned screenwriting goddess whose latest film, “Juno,” is indeed all that. She’s also originally from Minneapolis, so her perspectives from life in the Midwest are quickly finding appeal in her works – now mass marketed and gaining immense popularity. Reviews of “Juno” place the film among the year’s best. At least that’s what the movie critics say. From the likes of the local Minneapolis Star Tribune to The New Yorker magazine – raves are abundant for Cody’s latest work…allegedly written in a Starbucks store inside a Crystal, Minnesota-based Super Target.

“Juno” is a coming-of-age movie made with idiosyncratic charm and not a single false note. -The New Yorker

CodyCody has a blog, which she continues to post to frequently even in her rapid rise to star comedy writer extraordinaire. You can read about her press junkets hyping “Juno” and other fun stuff – like run-ins with famous people – here.

I first saw Diablo Cody on Late Night with David Letterman several years ago. She’d just written a book about her life as a married stripper. Letterman was enthralled and the book got a lot of attention. Probably because of its title, “Candy Girl: A Year in The Life of An Unlikely Stripper.” Guys will buy anything that sounds like porn.

“Juno” just opened and I plan to see it during the Christmas holiday break. My expectations are high after all the hype the movie has received, so Diablo, don’t let me down. But then again, anyone who can sit in a Super Target Starbucks annex and write a movie has to have some street cred from the get go.


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