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Getting all retrospective on the previous 12 months seems like such a backwards way to look at life when December 31st rolls around each year. While some peeps prefer to analyze their past successes and failures, my approach takes a slightly different course.

I abhor resolutions because they tend to set us up for a sense of failure should some life event take us by surprise. Instead, I accept me for who I am today and who I’ve been through the last 365 days. It wasn’t always the best “me” who showed up each day in ’07, but the mistakes I make in life, at work, while training, or elsewhere I learn from as they happen – and I’m now better than I was Dec. 31, 2006. Life goes forward and I go with it. The past, my friends, is just that.

The following provides a glimpse at just a few of the places and stages you will, no doubt, find me in the coming 12 months. Through it all, I’ll be learning more about the world, those who are important to me, and, in general, becoming further enlightened and wisened – a better me – spiritually, ecumenically, grammatically.

Fatherhood: Placing my role as Dad to my two great teenagers at the top of my list is a natural. This makes up a major part of who I am each and every day. Little else comes before the needs, nurturing, providing, and simple “being there” for my children. Years come and go. This priority will never shift. The kids will graduate, move on and develop their own lives, but will always have each of their parents in their corners.

Career: At gynormous global companies, change is the order of the day. I’m flexible enough to appreciate and adapt to corporate changes. I welcome them because the change keeps the work interesting and challenging. In the coming 12 months my public relations role will indeed morph from its current focus to one that calls on me to develop new skills and re-master old ones. The opportunity for success in this role far outweighs the chance of failure (another good reason to embrace that change as it happens).

Triathlon training: I’ll be 43 years old in May of ’08 and I continue to carry this vision of me in the right manner of physical condition to compete in my age group in short-distance tris. Through focus, determination and improved training, whether I’m competitive or not, I’ll perform better than I did last year.

Relationships: While some people appear to be magnets for solid healthy relationships, I, apparently, wear a thick repellent. But that only serves as good grounds to keep trying to both create new friendships and re-introduce romance into my life in the months ahead. My hypothesis is that a good relationship – even love – consists of one part confidence, one part open mindedness and one part willingness to take a risk. The good news is I have all three parts.

Writing: The freelance gig continues to give me a chance to produce non-work related content. This blog requires regular maintenance and will keep growing and going. I still noodle on that novel inside me and it likely won’t come out in any serious form this year, the door is open. Never say “never.”

Politics: Far away from St. Paul’s Xcel Energy Center during the Republican National Convention.

Great River Energy Bike Festival/Nature Valley Grand Prix: Planning and volunteering to spread the good word.

Concerts: At the Cedar Cultural Center to hear former White Bear Laker Alice Peacock who opens for Tim Finn (one half of the brother duo ’80s band called Crowded House) in February.  More to come here as I plan to make live music a significant recipient of my disposable income in ’08.

At home: Face it – at the end of the day a familiar pillow is tough to beat. I’ll be doing a few minor improvements to the domicile during the year, making it even more homey.

That’s quite enough for my limited schedule.

Happy New Year to all who choose to enter it. Stay in it and make it your own.


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