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It’s January 5, and this early in the year, every day is still a great day.

But today is special. It’s been this way for 17 years. At 4:30 in the afternoon on Jan. 5, 1991 my daughter came into the world. She’s my first born and I continue to be ecstatic that she’s in my life – making it fuller and richer and, no doubt, contributing to the white whiskers that I see when I let my facial hair grow for a few days.

Since her birth, I’ve been blessed with a son, too. A perfect suburban set of kids who get along most of the time, pick on each other part of the time, but still tell each other that they love one another (in front of mom or dad, no less).

My daughter is a young woman. A junior in high school, her social network of friends is vast. She’s had boyfriends – one serious relationship that left her with a broken heart – and she currently dates a guy who is a year older. I wonder how that will work when he goes to college next August?

Her interests in high school gravitate toward the arts. She reads, writes, creates, and has a great “eye” for projects she takes on in and out of school. She student directs plays – musicals, one acts, drama productions. She loves all genres. She’s now teaching me things, not just talking – but enlightening me.  As a high school student she recognizes the message in a production like “Seussical,” and has angst when her peers don’t “get it.” She takes stands based on her young beliefs that have developed through finding mentors, having conversations and developing opinions.  Her foundation sits somewhere left of center.

Yep. She’s her father’s daughter with a whole lot of her mother’s love within her as well.  I hope I can always keep sending her down the right roads where, if nothing else, she will stay true to herself no matter where life takes her.

Happy Birthday, K!


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