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Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson match up well in “The Bucket List.” And if there’s a better date movie playing right now, let me know. After seeing this on the big screen last night it prompted all sorts of discussion and conversation that lasted past midnight.

The premise of the movie is easy enough. Both lead characters find out they have life-ending cancers. They agree to go off together and spend a month or two doing the things they never got to do in life. Big things…like see the Taj Mahal and race around in a 1967 Ford Shelby Mustang.

But the script of the movie includes bigger themes as well. Nicholson and Freeman pulled off relevant and believable dialog on things like fidelity, faith, the meaning of life, and the purpose of why each of us are planted on Earth. Have we experienced joy? Have we shared our joy in life with others?

Seriously, the talking points resulting from the movie were endless – well they lasted through one very good bottle of red wine and two CDs.

Freeman and Nicholson have never done a movie together prior to this one. That’s hard to believe. Neither actors’ role in the picture was a stretch for him after all the roles the two have played, playing a victim of cancer with only a few months to live was a cake walk for each star. But they still made their characters believable.

Scene to remember:
Nicholson is giving advice to his personal attendant and says, “There are three things in life to remember: 1) never pass up a bathroom; 2) never waste a hard on; and 3) a fart will always surprise you.”

The audience members in the theater seemed to enjoy themselves throughout the movie. It is one that any one at any age can relate to and walk away from feeling invigorated about life and getting things done while we’re still in it.

The theme song of the movie is “Say,” by John Mayer:



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