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He rested his cheek on her hip. The warmth of her soft skin radiated through his face, and with his eyes closed he could swear he heard her smile.

As he thought about how they met and how their relationship unfolded, quickly but not so dangerously fast that they’d lost their good sense, he realized something profound. Her hand touched his shoulder and she stirred, rolling slightly to her side.

She was not normal and that suited him just fine. The normal ones eventually focused on material things, bored easily…true colors exposed. They quickly transitioned their compliments into complaints once settled into a relationship. The similarities that first served as a connection became disorders of the highest order.

Not this time. For weeks that turned to months, she stayed herself just as she was when they were introduced. Steady. Uncompromising. Collected. Confident.

In her own subtle, exogenous way, lying there simply breathing, she embodied all he ever thought he’d require in life.


Photo: “Hip” by imemgee.

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