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The Big Chill

Another holiday weekend came and went. Seems like life got in the way of my normal weekend routine, which would have brought me to my blog and prompted various writing exercises.

Not this weekend. Things are frozen in the Twin Cities. It’s that third week of January, the one that’s notoriously the coldest week of the year in this region. Some played pond hockey, some turned up the heat and sat under blankets watching hours upon hours of mindless, meaningless television…smiling dumbly while talking through chattering teeth.

I’m distracted in a good way, which means lots of stories in percolation mode. I’m overdue for writing. Pithy or not, I’ll have a new post each day for the balance of the week. It’s my own personal challenge to me. Until then, brush your hair, comb your teeth and put on your finest wool socks.

Here’s Marvin Gaye with a fantastic a capella version of “Heard It Through The Grapevine.”



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