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The exhiliration of making a simple dinner for a special someone can send you scattering into a million different directions. Where’s Chef Emeril Lagasse when you need him most?!!! As luck has it, my Mom did me a favor schooling me on the “how tos” in the kitchen. I’m not a master. Far from it. But I can throw things together and it all seems to land on the table the way it should…edible.

Mom took pride in her kitchen abilities – as many moms do. I rarely saw her use measuring cups. Teaspoons or tablespoons were either measured in the palm of her hand or with whatever utensil happened to be nearby. She had a serious touch for cooking. I benefited from watching her operate in the kitchen. Combine that education with the one I got working as a mechanic in my Dad’s small business and I grew up in the best of both worlds. Today, I can both wrench on a home improvement project and tackle a New Orleans-style gumbo complete with homemade roux with relative ease.

Ask any pro athlete, from Michael Jordan to Tom Brady, and it’s clear that having a certain “touch” makes all the difference in the outcome or result. Each time Jordan controlled the ball, fans knew something special was about to happen. We couldn’t take our eyes off him for a second. As Brady lines up under center to take the snap, his fans also watch – holding a brief collective breath – to see if he’ll once again connect effortlessly with one of his wide receivers. For in having the right touch, success follows.

We all strive to keep that fortuitous “touch” thing going – in our lives, at work, in relationships. Sometimes everything clicks. We’re just “on.” The words flow with ease, the to-do list at work actually gets done, the weekend errands seem effortless. It’s these little moments of near-perfection in our lives that make it so worthwhile to keep getting up and striving to repeat it yet another day.

Isn’t it amazing what a simple touch can do? Yep. It’s all in having that elusive, Jordan-esque touch.


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