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Best Superbowl Commercials

It’s easy for me to remember what Superbowl year we’re having. The Superbowl played its inaugural game the year I was born. So I stay on top of it by simply remembering my age. That’ll be super convenient when my memory starts to slip, say around Superbowl LXXV.

As for the ads, I’ve listed my top faves here.

No. 7: Tide’s “My Talking Stain” spot in which a stain on a guy’s shirt basically takes over the conversation during a job interview.

No. 6: Toyota’s “Sleeping Badger” commercial. Here a guy sits in a Corolla with a sleeping mother badger with babies rests in his back seat. In the end, his cell phone wakes the badger.

No. 5: Planter’s Cashews “Unibrow Lady.” That was laugh out loud funny as this unattractive woman uses cashews as her perfume.

No. 4: Pepsi featuring Justin Timberlake. JT gets tossed around as if he was being sucked through a straw. Funny stuff.

No. 3: Bridgestone featuring Richard Simmons. As Simmons does his fitness routine in the middle of the road, a car flies at high speed cutting left and swerving around him just in time (damn!).

No. 2: Coke and the Frist vs. Carvelle spot in which the extreme Republican and extreme liberal find happiness together through good old Coca Cola.

No. 1: E*Trade’s Baby Trader spots. These were the tops for creativity. A talking baby making online stock trading as simple as burping up formula. Loved that one!



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