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Tim FinnIf, like me, you cut your teeth on groups like the Split Enz and Crowded House in the ’80s, then you’ll appreciate Tim Finn’s latest solo effort, “Imaginary Kingdom,” available everywhere you buy CDs. Tonight, at a small 300-seat concert hall, Finn played for more than an hour. He sang many of the favorites from his early days with Neil, like “Leaky Boat,” and “Persuasion,” plus several offerings from his upcoming CD.

Alice Peacock openedPeacock for Tim, performing her hits like “Bliss,” “I’ll Start With Me,” and “Love.” She played the guitar and piano with affection, clearly enjoying the small venue (even if she had a bit of a cold). Her new CD will be out later this year, but to tide fans over, she’s released a single called, “Might As Well Have Fun While You’re At It.” All proceeds from the sale of the single go to her nonprofit, Rock for Reading, a program she’s started to raise awareness and resources for literacy and reading programs through the power of music.

A great show from the third row center stage.



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