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It’s been a busy couple of days.

Obama continues to eclipse his competition through states like Wisconsin and his home state of Hawaii. If he scores well in Texas and Ohio…well, that should seal the nomination for him.

The deep freeze continues to eclipse Minnesota. Last night the low dipped to -11 degrees F. Tonight, I stumbled out with full coat and head protection so I could stand in the driveway and watch the lunar eclipse. It was a perfectly clear night, which also meant it was perfectly friggin’ cold. Two minutes was about all I managed to stand, but it was enough to see a great eclipse of the moon…something that won’t happen again until 2011.

I’ve always been fascinated by certain constellations that form the shape of a “w” and the moon. For all the poetry that exists about the  moon and the stars, there simply isn’t anything that really trumps these objects – out of reach, but enabling us to feel so very connected just when we need it most.



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