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Three Minnesota legislators have lost their minds.

In a proposed bill authored by Republican House member Chris Delaforest, he and two of his “peers” suggest the drinking age in Minnesota be lowered from 21 to give those who are 18, 19 and 20 the ability to drink in bars. Their position is that  heck, since drinking is going on any way by kids in this age range, might as well let them drink legally in a bar instead of in the back seat of their car.

Bull shit.

I’m not suggesting minors don’t drink (been there, done that). But in light of recent instances right here in this state in which several college-aged minors (one celebrating her 21st birthday) literally drank themselves to death is proof enough for every individual with a brain that kids at this young age have no business legally bellying up to a bar and drinking.

Oh, but they’re old enough to vote and serve in the military. Why shouldn’t they be able to drink legally?

Military service and voting are far and wide different than ordering cocktails from Noon until 2 a.m. then getting behind the wheel of car and driving home.

Studies show the brains of young adults aren’t fully mature until they reach their late 20s. So why would a law maker think, feel or believe that giving these impressionable young people legal access to alcohol at age 18 is a good idea?




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