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I strive to be as green as possible – from a recycling standpoint.

Like most progressive cities in the country, Maple Grove, Minn., has done its best to make recycling simple for residents. The city provides durable blue recycling bins and the most basic of recycling instructions. For example:

The way in which the recycling industry processes the material has changed so you no longer have to separate your recyclable items into different paper bags. Co-mingled recycling has become the industry standard so our curbside program has changed to meet that standard. Here’s how the system works:

binContainers: Put all your cans, glass bottles, and plastic bottles together in your blue recycling bin. NO BAGS PLEASE!!!!

Paper products: Put all of your paper (junk mail, newspapers, magazines, phone books, books, cereal boxes, cake boxes, catalogs, etc.) in a paper shopping bag (you can use more than one if you need to) and place it on top of or next to your blue recycling bin.

Cardboard: Flatten and bundle your corrugated cardboard in 3′ x 3′ pieces and place it next to your blue recycling bin.

It’s a system that’s easy to follow and it works.

But at some point during the frigid weather we’ve experienced here in the upper Midwest, my neighbors blue recycling bin suffered a major fracture. I knew this because when retrieving my garbage and recycling containers from the curb, I realized the broken container didn’t belong to me (mine has red magic marker scribbled all over one end of the container).

So now the game is on. Each Wednesday evening after work I race home to be the first one to the curb in order to get my original blue recycling bin – the one without the crack. And on those nights when I’m delayed, my neighbor is just sly enough to nab my bin versus their cracked and broken one. It’s amusing.

I suppose I should just take the broken bin to the recycling center and exchange it for a new one, but then my neighbor would likely claim the new bin as his. Arghhh!!!

At least we’re both good stewards of the environment and using the recycling bin for it’s rightful purpose.


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