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“Only Love,” BoDeans

I just picked up the latest release from the Wisconsin-based BoDeans (and while the band may have formed in Milwaukee, those of us in Minnesota basically claim this group as ours). This band has been around for two decades and the latest music they offer on the CD, “Still” proves the group still has what it takes to write, sing, play and rock.

You can hear tracks from Still at this MySpace page. Be sure to check out “Hearing,” which is currently getting tons of play here in Minneapolis.

Until the group tours and fans start uploading video to YouTube, here’s a great track called, “Only Love.” A classic from a very talented group.


See you walkin’ down the street now every day
Pushin’ by the people as you make your way
You’re walkin’ proud now baby
You got your head held high
Want you to know that this whole world
Sees your heart cry
Oh yeah I see how hard you try
To make yourself believe
It’s Only Love
It’s Only Love
It’s Only Love
It’s Only Love

Maybe love shouldn’t have to be so hard to take
Shouldn’t have to feel that burn
Until your poor heart breaks
So why you tell yourself
You know there’s no one else
When it just ain’t worth the waitin’ anymore
Oh baby don’t you wonder if there’s such a thing
It’s Only Love
It’s Only Love
It’s Only Love
It’s Only Love…

Oh you been lookin’ for a believer
A baby to hold too
Yeah, someone who’s been waiting
Oh baby just for you…and love
It’s only love…

If I could I’d take you baby in my arms
Take away all love’s blame
And all love’s scars
Maybe we could run away
Until we get so far away
And then I couldn’t see us coming back again
Well it’s only what you make of it
It’s only what you need
It’s Only Love (repeat)



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