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The trouble with snow in March is that it’s damn depressing – no matter how “big and fluffy” the snowflakes might be.

The trouble with restless nights is that by 2 p.m. the following day, I need a pillow for a nap.

The trouble with budding relationships when you’re 40 or older is that the optimism of youth is gone – replaced by the pessimism of age.

The trouble with teenage girls forced to grow up with divorced parents is that it makes her life suck just enough to really put it over the top on the suck-0-meter from time to time.

The trouble with an aging parent in a remote corner of the United States is the lack of good health care available to them…period.

The trouble with training for triathlon season is getting up and hitting the pool when it’s still below freezing outside and the closest pool is halfway across town.

The trouble with the Obama vs. Clinton conundrum is that both literally represent something that has never happened in the U.S. before – and Americans are uncertain about full-fledged change at such a high level.

The trouble with WordPress is knowing the difference between categories and tags.

The trouble with sex is created by imbeciles like Eliot Spitzer.

The trouble with death is dying – the sudden unexpected kind, not the withering on the vine as an independent oldster kind.



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