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Friday Philosophies

I’m in a lyrical mood this morning. The sun is up, the sky is crystal clear. It’s the type of sky that couldn’t even be replicated in a painting. A sky blue sky that’s limitless.

This week I’ve listened to one CD and, more specifically, one song from that one CD.

The artist is Alison Scott. You can catch a glimpse of her music here. She’s a Minneapolis-based singer and song writer who performs with a jazz-rock-R&B sound. I first heard her music at the Dakota Jazz Club at an event I attended for displaced victims of Hurricane Katrina.

The song that continues to roll through my gray matter is from her CD, “Wish On The Moon.” I can’t find the song on YouTube, but here are the lyrics.

“Saturated,” by Alison Scott

All the lies and pain you hide have taken over.
You’re drowning away the memories just to forget her,
the way she left you stranded.
One more drink and you won’t have to think anymore,
You gave her everything you had and can’t remember what for.
All you need is time.

Time to heal, time to feel like everything is gonna be alright.
All you need is time to find that this pain you can’t
describe will wash away, a little more every single day
’til it’s gone, and you can move on.

Looking for answers in the bottom of a bottle that will never be empty,
Blaming yourself for problems that aren’t even worthy
of staying on your mind.
Wondering just what you did to drive her away,
but nothing you could have changed would’ve made her stay.
So take a little time.

I know it seems a broken heart is enough to end your life,
but someday soon someone will come along and make it right.
She’ll hold you and she’ll love you ’til the end of time.

But it won’t be long ’til you’re standing strong no pain in your eyes
You only have to give it one last try.
Time is on your side.



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