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This morning I read a blog post that asked readers to “name one thing that’s better today than it was when you were a kid.”

Hmmm. I was a kid in the late 1960s through 1983 when I celebrated my 18th birthday. Everything is better. That’s progress thanks to innovation.

Still, if I could name just one thing that is far and above better now than it was when I was growing up, I’d have to put how we access music at the top of my list.

Back in the day, when I wanted to purchase music, I headed down to one of three or four record stores in toney Spencer, Iowa. It was usually either the “head shop” store that smelled thickly of incense and was poorly lit, or the music store that not only sold records but instruments, sheet music, and metronomes. There I would let my fingers do the walking, flipping through the hundreds of vinyl albums in their well-designed album jackets, reading the liner notes and studying the photography. I relied on the clerks of these stores to tell me if, beyond the newly released single that was getting radio airplay, the album was worthy my $8 to $10.

Today, iTunes and Napster have altered how we access music. While I still purchase the occasional CD, I typically make my music purchase by the record or single on iTunes, download it to my computer and burn it to a CD that I can play in the car. In some cases, I can just plug in the iPod to the car’s audio system, simplifying music even further and making the CD obsolete.  I’m not even that technologically savvy, so I’m sure there are other ways to make the process even easier.

But the thing is, obtaining and listening to my favorite music is vastly better than it was back in the day and for that, I’m grateful.

Now it’s your turn. Name something in your life that is better today than it was when you were a kid.  Share your inputs here.



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