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Another glorious day in downtown Minneapolis, resulting in another fun Corporate Communication departmental outing. In the recent 12-month period our little corp comm group has grown from 45 to nearly 80 people. The web and creative services groups that are now on board represent the “wild” side of Corporate Communication.

Thank goodness for the change.

As for the lawnbowling at Brits Pub, the greens seemed faster this year, and the participants a little more daring (or drunk) – although that could never, ever be the case at a corporate function. Ever. Perhaps they’ve just been practicing in all their free time. The teams I joined went 1 and 3 on the day (not a very good showing).

Here’s a link to some fabulous photos taken during the afternoon. Special thanks to e-marketer, Ward, for shooting the event and posting the photos so quickly.

Next year: the St. Paul Curling Club.


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