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Summer People – by Brian Groh

I finished up the book, “Summer People” yesterday. It’s mediocre at best. But there was a great excerpt that I marked in the book because it is so fitting with the current photo at the top of my blog page…

Mystery whispered in the grass, played in the branches of trees overhead, was caught up and blown across the American line in clouds of dust at evening on the prairies…I can remember old fellows in my home town speaking feelingly of an evening spent on the big empty plains. It had taken the shrillness out of them. They had learned the trick of quiet….”

What an awesome quote eh? It’s from Sherwood Anderson and was published in Sierra magazine.


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I’m not an avid cyclist. I enjoy it. It’s a hobby to me. In the course of a summer, which is short here in Minnesota, I may log 1,500 miles on my bikes. I know that’s a small number compared to the die hards – heck it’s small even compared to some casual riders I know. But I’m making no excuses. I like cycling. I like it most when the weather is good, the wind is minimal, there is no rain, it’s not to hot.

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a fair-weather cyclist. There. I said it.

So this weekend the tri club has one of its monthly century rides planned and I’m all in. It’s a supported ride and no one gets left behind (sounds awfully familiar). What’s more, the weather is suppose to be fair and mild on Saturday. My thinking is, without a lot of prep, I can join up and spend several hours logging the century without my legs seizing up and without killing myself trying to keep up with those younger guys (cough) setting the pace out front.

My main form of preparation for the ride? Seeing the BoDeans in concert on Friday evening at Stillwater’s Lumberjack Days event. Beer tent anyone? I think I’ll refer to this as carbo-loading.  And if Saturday morning comes to early following the activities of Friday night, that century ride can wait.

See, I told you – fair weather.


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