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No Forks Allowed

I’m proud of the work I do. Even if it means playing host to 1,500 Republicans in the Twin Cities for the RNC. The company I work for does great things for people all around the world. As part of one initiative, the company got involved in this year’s presidential conventions both in Denver and right here in St. Paul.

We have major ops in several states and invited these state delegates to our world headquarters as a way to create more awareness about the company and all the important things we do in the health care industry. But a funny thing happened on the way to planning an event involving delegates to the RNC. For example, there could be no dinner forks at the reception. A minor inconvenience.

So we held one of the best events the Twin Cities have seen in the history of RNC corporate events. With broadway entertainment, lots of fork-less appetizers and, of course, a large bar featuring lemontinis at every turn. The Grand Old Party had a grand old time.

Heck, let’s let them have a good time on a warm night in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Because come November, they’ll all be crying in their lemontinis.



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