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I’m up.

My head thinks it still wants a pillow, but the rest of me says otherwise. After a very impromptu Friday evening that included a bike ride, and a tasty little dinner with an old friend, I’m up early on a Saturday (nothing unusual for me). I relish the early morning “quiet” hours, and this relishment dates back to when my kids were babies. Spending an hour or two alone with the newspaper or the television on in a very hushed level – with a hot cup of coffee – saved me from years of therapy as a young father. My kids, like anyone’s, were true angels while sleeping. Still are.

I was 26 when my first child entered our world, 30 when my son was born. At that stage, the demands in life seem gargantuan. There’s a mortgage and car payments and so-so jobs where you have to prove yourself daily and your employer still thinks you’re just a kid who only deserve a paltry salary. Not to mention I lived in a depressed Iowa city. But the sitch did change and here I am today in much, much better condition. But I digess.

These early a.m. solitude-filled hours let me think best. I solve all the world’s problems before the sun can blare through the windows. I bet neither McCain or Obama can accomplish what I can on one pot of coffee. (That sounds a little boastful, doesn’t it?)

She’s Coming

After communicating back and forth between Minneapolis and San Francisco via comments left mostly right here in the WordPress world, Mockingbird has found a reason to fly into Minneapolis. She arrived this morning and she’ll be chill-laxin’ with her actor/theater guy for the next 10 days. It’s a perfect time to be in this part of the country. The days are pleasant, the nights…cool. A Minnesotan becomes, somehow, happier when September rolls through.

I’m sure Mr. Little House cast member will do a fine job showing my blogging friend a wonderful time when he’s not on stage, but I’m making it my personal mission to give her a couple unique dining experiences while she’s here. I’ve not met a fellow WordPress blogger in person before, so that experience alone will be worth the price of admission (oh wait, WordPress is free).

Riding the Minneapolis Bike Tour

One of my next big adventures will be this year’s Minneapolis Bike Tour. Unlike the Nature Valley Grand Prix, this is actually a ride anyone can participate in. It’s the second annual bike tour that crawls along with 8,000 of your closest friends and neighbors through the scenic byway system that loops around the city’s beautiful lakes. Paved trails where the speed limit is 10 miles per hour. There are two options, a 14-mile route and a 37-mile route. I’m up for the longer distance, but unsure if my friends have prepared properly for that kind of time in the saddle. Either way, the local paper sponsors the “Aftour” party, and we’re all certain to have a lot of stories to share following the ride.

More to come on that one.


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