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“F**king F**k.”

In pure Coen brother movie tradition, “Burn After Reading,” starring George Clooney, Francis McDormand, John Malkovich, and Brad Pitt, among others, lives up to all expectations.

The dark comedy centers around a twisted love quadrangle in which even the viewing audience can get lost in quickly if they don’t pay close attention.

When the fitness center’s locker room attendant finds a mysterious CD with data on it, Brad Pitt’s character Chad, an over-enthusiastic personal trainer, convinces his co-worker Linda (McDormand) that it’s CIA shit and can be leveraged for profit. Meanwhile, the newly fired and foul-mouthed CIA agent Osborne Cox (Malkovich) is oblivious to the fact that his wife Katie (Tilda Swinton) is sleeping with Harry (Clooney) behind his back as he writes his memoirs. And Clooney, a U.S. treasury officer, is sleeping with everyone, clueless that his own wife is preparing to file for divorce.

It’s an “idiots reign supreme” plot in which, in the end, Mcdormand gets her one and only wish granted by none other than the CIA agency itself.

I’ve heard many people say they didn’t laugh out loud while watching the movie, but I did and so did the majority of the theater goers…especially during a particular scene in Harry’s basement, where he’s built a very special chair and unveils it to everyone’s amusement.

I recommend “Burn After Reading.” The Coen’s have, again, written and directed a movie designed to amuse and confuse.



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