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Campus Visits

Today found me cruising west on I-94 to the far reaches of Minnesota – Moorhead to be exact. In Moorhead sits a small liberal arts college, Concordia, that held potential as a college of choice for my high school senior. It’s not the first campus visit. It won’t be the last.

While Concordia sits on a nice campus with nice students and a nice admissions counselor named Joe, the college’s offerings didn’t quite leave my high school senior with warm fuzzies all over. Who knows, maybe it was the 200 mile drive (one way). Or perhaps it was the idea of spending four years of a young life tromping around a campus in Moorhead, where winter temperatures dip well below zero. Whatever the issue, the key is feeling the fit.

It’s like a relationship. You either feel the click and the a-ha when walking through the campus tour or you don’t. And if you don’t, you don’t force it.

More campus visits to come and she will find the one that leaves her wanting to return and learn.


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