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Two Thousand Nine

Just what will 2009 bring us? More recession? More angst? More of all the things designed to fill our dreams with insomnia and cold sweat?

Or will 2009 be the start of the turnaround we all hope happens. The last quarter of 2008 became one built around hope. We’ll have our new president in 20 days. There’s no doubt in my mind that he and his administration will make some bold moves out of the gate to shore up the economy and address foreign policies gone astray.

The times, they will be a changin’ and we must be ready to change and adapt.

It starts with our own attitudes. Not long ago, I read an article about how the friends we keep impact our own attitudes – even if they are friends on our Facebook or LinkedIn networks.  What’s more interesting is the study found if those friends of ours post smiling profile pictures of themselves, it in turn rubs off on our own personalities and attitudes in a good way. We are, as it were, reflections of those with whom we choose to associate.

I’m all about postitivity – finding a kernel of good in every dark corner that haunts our lives.

With that, get started on your own outlook. Update your profile pics with one that says, “I’m okay, You’re okay. And together we’re off to a positive start to the New Year.”



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