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I’m a communicator by profession. Given any particular assignment on any day of the week and I’d likely write the pants or skirt off all comers. I’m not bragging (seriously, that’s not how I roll). While prophetic masters of English and grammar may sneer at my writing style or delivery, it’s effective, it’s efficient and it exceeds the objective whether telling a story or conveying the most mundane sorts of information.

But hiding somewhere in the high cliffs of Mount Communication is a deep crevasse. One that waits to swallow me whole (and has from time to time). For it seems while in my day job I can communicate the socks off my staff, my peers and my superiors, I fall down in a crumpled mess in most other areas of life requiring communication.

One salvation that makes my failings more palpable, if not even acceptable, is I’ve learned it’s not just my problem. I’m not alone as a communicator by day and a suffering, hopeless fool by night. Seems others in my profession balk when it comes time to deliver the goods interpersonally outside of the 9 to 5 window.

We’re in a world of technology and we’ve succumbed to text messages, e-mails, tweets and blogs as our crutches to convey thoughts however personal or crass. Stories float about about terminations delivered via e-mail, breakups completed with a text and who can forget the parent posing as a teen on Facebook ridiculing a youngster into submission resulting in suicide.

So on this notion, I’m joining the minorities in the real world who still prefer good ol’ face-to-face conversations and phone calls to exchange information. Sure, I’ll still write e-mails because it’s the way the world works, but it doesn’t mean it’s the only way to get things done.

Cheers to you all. Thanks for reading.


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