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With all the advances in cellular technology, I feel it’s only right to expect decent cell coverage wherever my travels take me. So when I get one of several fairly persistent outcomes when using my cell phone (with service provided from AT&T), I often see that very phone taking a flight into the nearest body of water.

Here are just some of the issues that make me wonder why cell technology remains in the dark ages.

1) The two second delay. I just love, love, love it when during a cell phone conversation it seems as though I’m speaking with someone in remote Africa. “The movie was terrific. What did you think?”   Paaaaauuuuuuussssssse.

2) My Edge network auto-defaults to the GSM network resulting in no calls, emails or text messages until I wander into a different room of the house or point the cell phone toward the west and hold it above my head while standing on one foot.

3) When dialing a number the often minute-long (or longer) delay before the number begins to connect and ring whomever I’m calling is always appreciated.

4) Dropped messages and calls when I least expect it. It’s especially great when I send an important text or email to a colleague at work via my Blackberry only to discover an hour or two later that it didn’t go through.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the technology and the convenience of having a cell is a good thing. It just seems engineers and technical folks who make the data, voice and video traveling around the air would find ways to make it more reliable.

Is that too much to ask?



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