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MarsCon Invades the Holiday Inn

Bust out that Storm Trooper costume that you’ve been saving for a rainy day and head down to the Holiday Inn Select in Bloomington for the nerdiest experience of your life. March 6, 7 and 8, geeks of all castes, affiliations and creeds will congregate for 72 hours of no-holds-barred antics and snort laughing at this annual Science Fiction convention. During the day, official activities such as panel discussions, vendor displays, lectures, autograph signings, performances, film screenings and much more abound.

After hours, however, two floors of the hotel will boast open party rooms with varying themes — most of them featuring plenty of alcohol and sassy, costumed nerds who will stop at nothing to get you to join their celebrations. In other words? Totally awesome! And luckily, what happens at a Sci-Fi Convention, stays at a Sci-Fi Convention…unless, of course, you write an article about one for Secrets of the City.

Friday 7 p.m. through Sunday 9 p.m., Holiday Inn Select, 3 Apple Tree Square, Bloomington, $25 one day, $55 for weekend.

Hilarity is certain to ensue. I may camp out in the parking lot and take photos. Photos to use as blackmail at a future date.



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