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Holiday Weekend

It’s a Friday before the big holiday weekend. You know, the weekend-before-taxes-are-due holiday. The one in which most Christian-thinking types celebrate by sitting in a church pew then racing home to roast a huge-ass ham and stuff spit-shined kids’ faces with scalloped potatoes before they run back to their video games. And we wonder why obesity has become an epidemic in our country (one in five kids are obese…I just read the study earlier this week).

So this weekend I am not celebrating Easter. I’m, instead, spending part of my good Friday evening at a place in Saint Paul called The Chatterbox with the new girl and some of her compadres. Then Saturday we’ll bike and check out my friend Chris Hawkey’s live show in Otsego. On Sunday, we’ll bike some more and try the Sunday brunch at Kafe421.  And before you  know it, Monday arrives.

But it’ll be a great weekend. Spring has arrived in Minneapolis and my tax return is already in savings.

There’s also a new movie I’m interested in called, “Sunshine Cleaning” with Amy Adams (“Doubt”) and Alan Arkin. We may try to squeeze in this flick if time. Looking ahead a few months, The Jayhawks reunite in Minneapolis this summer for the band’s only North America concert at the annual Basilica Block Party. Tickets go on sale April 24.


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