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I’ve spent the past six days in Switzerland.

After landing in Geneva and taking the train to Tolochenaz (where Audrey Hepburn lived for many years and where Phil Collins lives today), I integrated myself into my work and the role I was asked to do. Our International media day event was a big success.  But beyond the work, I’ve made some observations about this small corner of Europe:

  1. I’m in a country where people speak not just one language , but four (except me, I only speak English and I feel like an idiot for not minoring in French, German or some other language).
  2. The Swiss are into their hair. There’s a salon on nearly every corner of every block and many are open 24/7.
  3. The history here is ancient. It’s a little daunting to walk along the same paths that Napoleon, Lord Byran and other famous feet trod.
  4. Philip Morris and RJ Reynolds will never go out of business as long as Europeans continue to love their cigarettes. There’s a haze coming out of every bar and restaurant – as if it were the ’80s in the U.S.
  5. The chocolate made here truly tastes much better than anything made and sold in America. How do they do that?
  6. Spending Swiss Franks really doesn’t feel like spending  money at all. It’s more like spending Monopoly money. Weird.

More observations (and photos of the country) coming soon.



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