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On Feb. 20, 2010, I’ll be married.

July 2009This major event presents the most excitement and anticipation I’ve felt about life and the future since the birth of my first child. The reasons for the excitement are many and varied.

First, she’s an amazing woman and I feel lucky to have her in my life. At no time have I held such a connection with another person. The magnet-like force that pulls and tugs on us is unlike anything…ever. People talk about North Stars and soul mates and true love. Nothing is more true than the two of us sharing this life of ours.

Another aspect of my relationship that makes it so unbelievably special is the simple fact that this time, it’s my choice. I’m not being coerced or chided into a decision I might regret. I’m not pressured by society or people or life circumstances or insecurities. We have chosen each other and there simply is no alternative lingering out there casting doubt.

Getting married again isn’t just about my wants and needs. There are kids involved – mine and hers – who want to see us happy and living life in the way we hoped life would be. Truth is, their happiness and acceptance is highly important to the decisions we’re making as a couple. We’ll always be in “mom” and “dad” mode to our respective kids.

So in a few weeks, we’ll get together – immediate families – at The Saint Paul Hotel. We’ll exchange vows and rings. We’ll take the steps we’re ready to take to live our lives together and promise to watch each other’s back til the very end. And for the next 40-plus years, I’ll be at her side no matter what life throws at us.

It’s where I choose to be…married to a woman I can respect and love forever.


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