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Let’s be fair from the get go: Brett Favre proved more than adequate on the field whether standing in Green Bay or performing on the road. He won a Super Bowl. He led his team to two Super Bowl appearances. His name appears in record books for a variety of records at his position. He played his heart out and is certainly one of the Iron Men quarterbacks.

And let’s be fair in saying that during the late ’70s the Green Bay Packers were an abject failure as an NFL team. Favre made the team better when he played…more often than not.

With these things on the table, and with Favre’s subsequent and official retirement announcement on Thursday, can those of us who follow the sport take a collective sigh and say, “Whew!” Here’s a guy who finally had enough and retired before he embarrassed himself.
Favre sackFavre announced his retirement with a few tears and a bit of emotion on March 6. The news circled the globe. In fact, the BBC even reported on his retirement news conference.

In Wisconsin, the news (although expected for the past three years) threw football fans into disarray. Some feel he should return because he IS the Green Bay Packers. They want to believe that Favre has another year or two of fight in him to lead the Pack to yet another Super Bowl. Favre, however, does not feel that way.

I know I can still play, but it’s like I told my wife, I’m just tired mentally. I’m just tired,” Favre told ESPN’s Chris Mortensen in a voice mail message.”

With admiration, (even from someone who smiled each time he threw a pick or got sacked by a Vikings defender) let’s give the guy his due and say goodbye and good luck. Let’s look forward to watching Green Bay struggle to find a replacement quarterback who will never, ever, ever be a Favre…a legend. Who could possibly fill those shoes? In this era of NFL “win now, win consistently” mind set, what QB will get the opportunities Favre had to suck mightily and wake up with job security day in and day out?

The person I feel the worst for is Favre’s biggest fan, Terry Bradshaw. I’m sure Terry’s pillow was  soaked with tears when his dearly beloved called to say he was joining the ranks of “former” QBs. We all know Bradshaw was in love with Brett. Perhaps now, the two of them can spend some real quality time together.

Yes, Favre carved a place for himself in the football world. Now it’s time to let him go. Do so with dignity, football fans. After all, he gave 17 years of his life to the NFL. He owes no one anything.


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Best Superbowl Commercials

It’s easy for me to remember what Superbowl year we’re having. The Superbowl played its inaugural game the year I was born. So I stay on top of it by simply remembering my age. That’ll be super convenient when my memory starts to slip, say around Superbowl LXXV.

As for the ads, I’ve listed my top faves here.

No. 7: Tide’s “My Talking Stain” spot in which a stain on a guy’s shirt basically takes over the conversation during a job interview.

No. 6: Toyota’s “Sleeping Badger” commercial. Here a guy sits in a Corolla with a sleeping mother badger with babies rests in his back seat. In the end, his cell phone wakes the badger.

No. 5: Planter’s Cashews “Unibrow Lady.” That was laugh out loud funny as this unattractive woman uses cashews as her perfume.

No. 4: Pepsi featuring Justin Timberlake. JT gets tossed around as if he was being sucked through a straw. Funny stuff.

No. 3: Bridgestone featuring Richard Simmons. As Simmons does his fitness routine in the middle of the road, a car flies at high speed cutting left and swerving around him just in time (damn!).

No. 2: Coke and the Frist vs. Carvelle spot in which the extreme Republican and extreme liberal find happiness together through good old Coca Cola.

No. 1: E*Trade’s Baby Trader spots. These were the tops for creativity. A talking baby making online stock trading as simple as burping up formula. Loved that one!


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NFL’s MVP 2007

Please place your votes now for the NFL’s Most Valuable Player in 2007.

Tom Brady, Quarterback, New England Patriots


Brady will own the record for most passing touchdowns in a regular season in 2007.

Randy Moss, Wide Receiver, New England Patriots


Moss will break his personal record for most touchdown receptions in a season (his previous record was 17).

Adrian Peterson, Running Back, Minnesota Vikings


Peterson could easily be league MVP, but will most certainly win Rookie of The Year given his total yards rushed, average yards per carry, and rushing touchdowns statistics.


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This blog isn’t about professional sports. But I live in Minneapolis and it just happens to be home to the hottest NFL football player on the planet. In facYo Adriant, this rookie running back is so hot, team owner Zygi Wilf must be rolling his hands together like a mad man. Eight games into the season the lowly NFC North Minnesota Vikings possess just three wins. Even so, the Vikings have NFL record-setting running back Adrian Peterson so the losses are a bit easier to swallow.
If pseudo-coach Brad Childress keeps his head out of his hind end and properly calls plays involving AP, the Vikings may salvage the season.

More importantly, Wilf sells tickets, avoids blacked out games (the Vikings came close to having two games blacked out so far this season), and renews enthusiasm for a partially state-funded stadium, which is desperately needed.

Run A.P., run!


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It’s mid-September in Minnesota and summer begins its gentle slide into autumn – right on cue.(Photo (c) 2007 Gerald Brimacombe)

 Five tell-tale signs that fall is upon us…

1)      Leaves find their way to the ground…mysteriously and usually only at night.

2)      Windows left open at night mean that toweling off after an early morning shower will result in goose bumps.

3)      From my deck I can hear the cheers and see the Friday night lights of the high school football stadium (which also glimmer on Wednesdays and Thursdays due to JV games)

4)      Thoughts of making two-bean chili become incessant.

5)      Nearby apple orchard signs sport a coat of fresh paint.


A recent work assignment involved researching the topic of “innovation” for an executive speech that my VP is beginning to write.  The audience is a group of about 1,000 scientists, researchers and engineers responsible for coming up with new technologies that will ultimately grow the company and help people live life more fully.

During the research phase, it became clear to me that their task, while daunting, is incredibly exciting. Things like nanotechnology and drug-device combinations are on the cusp of emergence. Soon, we may all swallow a tiny drug-coated device that not only treats a condition but then monitors whether we get better or not from the inside and transmits that data to our physician.

Creativity. Collaboration. Innovation. As the average age expectancy of people in the U.S. continues to rise (we’re now, on average, living to the age of 78) these intelligent scientists are cracking the code to ensure we not only live to a ripe old age, but that we live well and capable lives so our latter years are enjoyed not in diapers wheeling around in a nursing home, but in our own homes with our own families, cooking our meals and contributing to society.


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Hard to believe that the Big 10 standings look like this two weeks into the season.

WolverinesMichigan. No wins. Imagine that. I feel a little sorry for the Blue. And I really wish the Hawkeyes had Michigan on its schedule this year. It could be a real drubbing, which Iowa doesn’t get to do very often when it comes to Michigan.

Things get even more interesting on Sept. 15 when the Wolfies will take on The Irish and the interstate rivalry between Iowa and Iowa State will help determine if the Hawks are for real…or not.

The fun of college football certainly beats the scripted NFL story lines. After all, who would have guessed Michigan would be out of the Top 25 after the first two weeks of play (the team was ranked No. 5 in pre-season polls). You just can’t make it up!

Saturdays in September and October can be so much fun – and I didn’t even watch a snap of a game. That’s sure to end pretty soon, however, as teams making upsets become too fascinating not to watch.


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