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Who on the planet pulled a parsnip from the ground and thought, “Hmm. This looks good. Let’s eat!”?

ParsnipsPerhaps one of the ugliest of all root vegetables, parsnips are downright unappealing as a potential food item. No wonder all recommendations are to cube these suckers into small bits and cook them to death!

While they might go well in a stew, this cousin of wax-covered chalk, with a consistency of rolled up carpet, has managed to maintain its prominence in the produce section of grocery stores everywhere for…well…ever!

What’s worse, they came packaged in a bundle of six. SIX! I used three in a stew that called for two. I think I could put the balance of my parsnip inventory in a dark corner of the basement and forget them until next year – and they’d still be perfectly ready to be peeled and cooked.

The upside to parsnips come in its nutritional value. They have a great amount of potassium, although I prefer bananas during a lengthy bike ride to one of these dead clammy roots. They’re also mildly loaded with carbs.

And what nimble root veggie scientist looked at this and named it a parsnip? Did it remind him/her of a pair of nipples? Is it really pinsrap in disguise? At least the sweet potato has a meaningful name. It looks like a potato and it has a sweet taste. But “parsnip?” I’m stumped!

Coming up next, the sexuality of eggplant.



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Diet supplements remain a multi-billion dollar industry. And I admit, I’ve forked over a small savings account in order to supplement my dietary needs when I’m training and eating healthily.

The supplements in my home consist of:

FitnessA) Protein powders and pre-mixes. I’m a big fan of the AdvantEdge protein supplement that’s available at almost any Wal-Mart or Target. Made by EAS and recommended by the Body for Life plan, the chocolate and vanilla mixes are tasty and loaded with just 110 calories and 17 grams of protein.  The key in any protein supplement is finding one that tastes good. Most don’t.

B) Protein bars. I can’t recommend any of these nasty tasting things.  Protein bars make me gag, but I choke them down because it’s better for me than eating a kingsize Three Musketeers bar. One protein bar that I can handle is the Next Detour Bar with 290 calories and 30 grams of protein. I’ll cut one in half and over the course of a day have two decent snacks for around a buck. The downside with these bars is that they often contain as many or more carbs than protein. Gotta pay close attention to the nutrition labels when buying bars.

C) All natural cranberry juice. Not so much a supplement as it is an aid to regularity. I’m not talking about Ocean Spray cranberry juice cocktail, but rather organic, all natural, no sugar added cranberry juice. I water four ounces of the juice down with 28 ounces of water and drink two to three 8-ounce glasses a day.

D) Water. Even Willie Nelson knows the body needs water. When I’m at my best I’m drinking about 60 ounces a day. Just remember, the lighter the urine stream, the better hydrated you are (and no, beer doesn’t count).


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